Low-energy concentrated foaming prewash

BX2 is a specific foaming prewash for box self and roll over with high cleaning and penetrating power with low energy impact. With ENERGY SAFE technology, you save the energy costs of using hot water while maintaining the same cleaning power.

Here are its 10 characteristics:
1. Excellent cleaning power in total safety
2. Removes difficult dirt such as gnats
3. Creates a full-bodied, fragrant lather
4. Highly concentrated consumption and lower operating costs
5. Thanks to N.A.R.T. (No Air Required Technology) technology, it does not require air to make foam in self boxes
6. Special for box self with low pressure foam system
7. Suitable as a cascade foamer in tunnel or roll-over car washes
8. environmentally friendly formula because it is phosphate-free NTA/EDTA
9. ENERGY SAFE: save the energy costs of using hot water while maintaining the same cleaning power in the high-pressure program in the Box Self
10. Highly scented

BX2 Box Self Foam Cleaner of the Mafra Unika Line is a concentrated, low-energy foaming prewash.

An alkaline foaming detergent with high cleaning power that detaches and brings into suspension even the most anchored dirt. It also has high lubricating power and is ideal for brush program in self-service tracks and automatic systems.

UNIKA - BOX SELF FOAM CLEANER - BX2 uses a surfactant package with N.A.R.T. (No Air Required Technology) technology that allows it to be used in foaming systems without compressed air. In addition, thanks to its Energy Safe technology, it allows work without the need to use hot water, thus saving on electricity or gas consumption to heat it.

UNIKA - BOX SELF FOAM CLEANER - BX2 is VDA certified and is safe at the recommended dilutions on delicate car parts: it does not affect aluminum and plastic parts. The product is made in accordance with the strict 14001 environmental regulations.

Contains no NTA and EDTA, ensuring high biodegradability, with purifiers using biological systems. Pleasantly scented.

Self tracks and automatic systems 10-25 ml per car.

The product is safe in the recommended doses.



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